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About New Prague Veterinary Clinic
100 Years and Counting...
The Vollmar family began veterinary service in our area more than 100 years ago when Dr. Otto Vollmar graduated from McKillip Veterinary College and moved to Montgomery, Minnesota.

Otto's son Dr. Roland Vollmar began veterinary service in Montgomery after graduating from Kansas State University in 1939. Otto's son Dr. Warren Vollmar began his veterinary practice in New Prague in 1943 after his graduation from Iowa State University.
Warren Vollmar began veterinary practice in New Prague in 1943. Bill began veterinary service in New Prague in the late 1980s.
The third generation of Vollmar veterinarians began service to our community when Warren's son, Dr. Bill Vollmar, graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1981 and began his practice. The New Prague Veterinary Clinic was moved to its current location at 1003 Main Street East in 1990.

Bill's daughter Dr. Katie Vollmar, graduated from the University of Illinois in May 2017.  She now practices veterinary medicine as the fourth generation of her family to do so, at New Prague Veterinary Clinic.
The Vollmars have been practicing Veterinary Medicine in the New Prague area for over 100 years.
Otto Vollmar began a tradition of veterinary service in the New Prague / Montgomery area after he graduated from McKillip Veterinary College in 1912.
Above - Dr. Otto Vollmar
Left - Dr. Warren Vollmar and Dr. Bill Vollmar (1981)
Below - Dr. Katie Vollmar
Katie Vollmar practices at New Prague Veterinary Clinic and graduated veterinary college on May 12th, 2017 from the University of Illinois.
Today the Vollmars continue the tradition of veterinary care in our community.

Dr. Bill and Dr. Katie provide the veterinary care to the animals in the local communities.

Judy Vollmar, with an accounting certificate from the Minnesota School of Business, is the practice manager and is a certified Hill's Veterinary Nutritional Consultant.

Left - Dr. Bill Vollmar and Dr. Katie Vollmar, holding photos of the late Drs Otto and Warren Vollmar
Dr. Bill Vollmar and his wife Judy Vollmar own and operate the New Prague Veterinary Clinic along with the help of their daughter Katie.
Left to Right: Dr. Bill Vollmar, Dr. Katie Vollmar holding Lilo the cat, and Judy Vollmar
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